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====Server Restores - Disaster Recoveries====
====Server Restores - Disaster Recoveries====
'''Need to create summary statement'''
* Upgrades And Compatibility Of Older Backups
** "Backups must be compatible across patch releases"
** "Incorrect upgrade documentation regarding backups"
** "support for restore across major versions"
** "Add conversion tool to upgrade backup versions to allow restore on later zcs versions"
* From 5.0.7 - 5.0.10 You Might See minor version upgrades moving your backups into a subdirectory
** "upgrade incorrectly invalidates backups."

====Server Cloning - Server Moves/Testing Purposes====
====Server Cloning - Server Moves/Testing Purposes====

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Need To Do

  • review training materials for sys admin course
  • determine what should be 'video' and how it can all be built upon preceding steps in a hands on training manner

General Overview Of Backup Environment

Backup Directory Partition & Filesystem

dedicated backup partition - only use supported methods:

Standard Backup or Autogroup

Backup Schedule


Backup CLI Commands

zmbackup zmbackupquery

Monitoring And Maintenance Of Backups

monitoring backups and disk usage

Server Issues

Questions To Ask & Address Prior To Doing A Server Restore

Should I shutdown ZCS services or block client access until issue and resolution are identified? What data needs to really be restored - can you restore just that or does it need a full restore?

Server Restores

Server Restores - Disaster Recoveries

Need to create summary statement


Server Cloning - Server Moves/Testing Purposes

User Issues

Questions To Ask & Address Prior To Doing A User Restore

  • Can data be restored from the user's dumpster [if enabled] ?
  • Is there a copy of the data in a third party client ? [POP email client that downloaded it, for example]
  • Does the data maybe exist in another user's account ? [For example, the senders account or others in the To/CC]
  • Does the data reside in a redolog/s ?
  • Finally, restore from backups ?
    • Do I need to overwrite the existing account with the restore or should I restore to a new account name?
      • Using the option -ca [create account] and -pre restore_ [prefix to the new account name, restore_user@ ]
    • What are your retention policies and how it might determine the backup set you need?

User Restores

  • Admin Console
    • Restore/Backup
    • Redirected restore : -ca -pre restored_
    • View Mail > TGZ export/import
  • Crossmailboxsearch
  • CLI
    • zmrestore
      • to latest point in time
      • to specific point in time in past
      • to incremental session label
      • to full backup label
  • Importing Restored Data Into Parent Account

Trouble-shooting Backup/Restore Issues And Other General Questions

Restore Compatibility Between ZCS Versions


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