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===Questions To Ask & Address Prior To Doing A User Restore===
===Questions To Ask & Address Prior To Doing A User Restore===

In Users Dumpster ?
* In Users Dumpster ?
Copy on third party client ?
* Copy on third party client ?
Other User Have Data ?
* Other User Have Data ?
In redologs ?
* In redologs ?
Restore from backups ?
* Restore from backups ?

===User Restores===
===User Restores===

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Need To Do

  • review training materials for sys admin course
  • determine what should be 'video' and how it can all be built upon preceding steps in a hands on training manner

General Overview Of Backup Environment

Backup Directory Partition & Filesystem

dedicated backup partition - only use supported methods:

Standard Backup or Autogroup

Backup Schedule


Backup CLI Commands

zmbackup zmbackupquery

Monitoring And Maintenance Of Backups

monitoring backups and disk usage

Server Issues

Questions To Ask & Address Prior To Doing A Server Restore

Should I shutdown ZCS services or block client access until issue and resolution are identified? What data needs to really be restored - can you restore just that or does it need a full restore?

Server Restores

Server Restores - Disaster Recoveries

Server Cloning - Server Moves/Testing Purposes

User Issues

Questions To Ask & Address Prior To Doing A User Restore

  • In Users Dumpster ?
  • Copy on third party client ?
  • Other User Have Data ?
  • In redologs ?
  • Restore from backups ?

User Restores

Admin Console Restore/Backup Redirected restore : -ca -pre restored_ View Mail > TGZ export/import Crossmailboxsearch CLI zmrestore to latest point in time to specific point in time in past to incremental session label to full backup label Importing Restored Data Into Parent Account

Trouble-shooting Backup/Restore Issues And Other General Questions

Restore Compatibility Between ZCS Versions


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