Troubleshoot Zimbra Mobile Connector for BlackBerry Installation Failures

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Troubleshoot ZCB Installation Failures

  • Verify that the installation process follows the steps in the order they are given in the “Zimbra Mobile Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server Install Guide”.
  • If there are still problems with the installation, the installer can be run in verbose mode to generate debug logs. These logs can be sent to Zimbra Support for analysis.
  • To run the installer in verbose mode, run the following command in the folder where the installer file (this has an .msi extension) is located.

msiexec /i [msi-filename] /lv [output log file path name]

Example msiexec /i zcb_<version>.msi /lv out.txt

--Abhullar 19:06, 10 March 2010 (UTC)

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