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Language and Translation Overview

Below you will find information on the languages available for Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS). The translations are provided by members of our Community and can be freely installed with your Zimbra instance.

More about languageTranslation and Moderation process.

Contributing a Translation

If you're interested in working on a translation, join the forums and discuss here.

Accepted Translations

This table lists all of the translation files that have been committed to source control. Note: Only the translations that we have certified will be part of public releases of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite. However, all of the translated files are available via Zimbra SVN.

Current Status

The following table lists each translation that has been submitted and the percentage complete. Note: The percentage is only informational. The percentage is generated by a build-time tool that compares the translated file against the base file (which is English, U.S.). Missing keys and duplicate values for existing keys will lower the completion percentage but that does not necessarilly mean that the translation is incomplete or not usable. For example, a British English translation would have a low percentage complete (as seen by the tool) because it would only translate a few keys from the base file.

The status was last checked on 2006/10/01. For a complete report for each translation, please click the link for each file in the table below.

Language Code Contributors Message Files Certified Commit Date
AjxMsg ZMsg ZaMsg ZmMsg ZsMsg
Catalan ca kharmander - - - 61% - No 2006/10/01
Chinese (Traditional: Hong Kong) zh_HK wwlh - - - 10% - No 2006/06/20
Dutch nl StefanD 72% 100% - 90% - No 2006/10/01
English (U.S.) en Zimbra Team 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% Yes Always current
English (G.B.) en_GB pshah 2% - - - - No 2006/06/19
Finnish fi meikka 92% 100% 94% 92% 100% No 2006/10/16
French (France) fr cvidal 72% 100% - 80% - No 2006/10/01
German de goetzi, blue4koala, servix 69% 96% - 86% - No 2006/10/01
Italian it ausflo 77% 83% - 64% - No 2006/10/01
Japanese ja stuze, Daisuke, Toru 83% - 24% 46% - No 2006/04/20
Russian ru Greg 83% 83% 82% 86% - No 2006/03/08
Slovenian sl Abak 64% 70% - 50% - No 2006/10/02
Swedish sv rickard 70% 74% - 62% - No 2006/06/20

Message Files

The Zimbra Collaboration Suite uses message catalogs to store translated strings and patterns to localize the product. The files are standard Java properties files which are combined and converted to native JavaScript for the client code at run-time.

    Internationalization messages such as names of months, date and time formats, etc. This file is automatically generated at build-time and does not need to be translated.
    Messages used by the ajax toolkit.
    Common messages such as server error messages, etc.
    Messages used by the Zimbra Admin web client.
    Messages used by the Zimbra End User web client.
    Messages used by the Zimbra Server when automatically replying to appointment requests for locations and resources. (The language used for the outgoing messages is based on the server's default locale, not the client.)

Pending Translations

The following table lists all of the translations that have been started and are currently pending acceptance into the product source. Updates to the source repository are tracked with Bug 6215.

Language Code Contributors Message Files Notes
AjxMsg ZMsg ZaMsg ZmMsg ZsMsg
German de Matthias Schröder - - - - - Posted on 2006/03/29. Waiting for contributor agreement.
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR FredArgolo - - - - - Posted on 2005/12/09. Waiting for contributor agreement.
Spanish es ETZAE - - 100% 100% - Posted on 2006/05/23. Waiting for contributor agreement
Spanish es kharmander - - - 90% - Posted on 2006/04/24 and 2006/07/24. Awaiting processing.
Spanish es pbruna - -  ?  ? - Posted on 2006/05/23. Updated on 2006/05/29. Awaiting processing.

Installing Translations

If you want to test your translation on a live ZCS deployment:

  1. Copy translated properties files to deployment server
    % cp *.properties /opt/zimbra/tomcat/webapps/zimbra/WEB-INF/classes/msgs/
  2. Restart Tomcat
    % su - zimbra
    % tomcat restart
  3. Set the language preference in your browser and reload

Note: Your translated properties files must be encoded in ASCII, not in their native encoding. You can use the native2ascii tool that is shipped with the JDK to convert the files. For example:

 % native2ascii -encoding UTF-8

Translations for Spell Check (aspell)

See Adding new dictionaries to aspell

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