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   * Zimbra Ajax Portlet: - JSR168 and related integrations
   * Toaster: We have a basic toaster for Windows that you can install - but it requires some improvements. Specifically, it can be wired into the calendar alarm system as well - today it just gives new message notifications (although our web UI automatically polls for new messages as well). We'd like it to install icons on the desktop and in the start menu.  Additional features would be to have a Zimbra search bar
   * Document Workflow Application: Some customers and partners have asked for a workflow application that uses our email platform. Since everything in our email platform is SOAP-enabled and we have an AJAX toolkit exposed, one can build/integrate a workflow app on top of it.  Alfresco integration would be a good place to start.
   * Connectors for Lightning/Sunbird: We want to connect Lightning/Sunbird to our calendar backend.
   * GroupDav Support - Add a Zimbra connector for GroupDav. Several clients are available to to test with today.
   * CalDav Support - Add a Zimbra connector for CalDav.
   * Write a Zimlet: Several Zimlets have been created for maps, VoIP, travel, games, web search, language translation, flight status, traffic, Evite, SMS, etc.  Enhance the functionality of an exsisting Zimlet or write a new one.  Some ideas include:
         o   SugarCRM Zimlet - integration with SugarCRM
         o   Quick Filters (drag an email and prepopulate a new email filter)
         o   Message Reminder  DnD a message to the Zimlet and pick a time/day to be reminded again about that mail.
   * Firefox plugin - for DnD of items from the desktop into Zimbra and vice versus.
   * Internet Explorer plugin - for DnD of items from the desktop to Zimbra and vice versus.
   * Mobility: Using the SOAP APIs like our mobile flash client prototype does, one can build mobile applications.
         o Brew client
         o J2ME client
         o SyncML connector
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