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* [[J2ME client]]
* [[J2ME client]]
* [[SyncML connector]]
* [[SyncML connector]]
== Zimlet Ideas==
Write a [[Zimlets|Zimlet]] some ideas include:
* [[SugarCRM Zimlet]] - integration with SugarCRM
* [[Quick Filters]] (drag an email and prepopulate a new email filter)
* [[Message Reminder]]  DnD a message to the Zimlet and pick a time/day to be reminded again about that mail.
* [[Request Tracker Zimlet]] - integration with request tracker http://www.bestpractical.com/rt/
* [[Ssh Zimlet]] - integration with ssh client on Linux/Unix/OSX, putty on Windows, or one of the java ssh applets
* [[Trac Zimlet]] - integration with trac http://www.edgewall.com/trac/
* [[Web Comic Zimlet]] - Clicking on the name of a web comic takes you to there
* [[Bugzilla Zimlet]] - automatically detecting bugzilla bug numbers and displaying summary information with mouseover
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[[Category: Development]]

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Top Project Ideas

Feel free to add to these project ideas. Or put your name down as an interested owner.

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