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(Top Project Ideas)
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== Top Project Ideas ==
Feel free to add to these project ideas. Or put your name down as an interested owner.
* [[TMDA]] - enable user the ability to turn on TMDA challenge&response system (http://www.tmda.net) or a comparable functioning, integrated challenge/response system.
* [[Zimbra Ajax Portlet]]: - JSR168 and related integrations
* [[Toaster]]: Zimbra Systray popup for Windows
* [[Document Workflow Application]]: Add document workflow to Zimbra
* [[Connectors for Lightning/Sunbird]]: We want to connect Lightning/Sunbird to our calendar backend.
* [[GroupDav Support]] - Add a Zimbra connector for GroupDav. http://www.groupdav.org/
* [[CalDav Support]] - Add a Zimbra connector for CalDav. http://caldav.org/
* [[Firefox plugin]] - for DnD of items from the desktop into Zimbra and vice versus.
* [[Internet Explorer plugin]] - for DnD of items from the desktop to Zimbra and vice versus.
* Thunderbird Search Plugin - Make the Thunderbird search use the Lucene indices.
* Mobility: Using the SOAP APIs like our mobile flash client prototype does, one can build mobile applications.
* [[Brew client]]
* [[J2ME client]]
* [[SyncML connector]]
* [[X-Tag Support]]
* [[SugarCRM - Zimbra Module]] Zimbra Ajax web client embedded into SugarCRM with other
* [[Opera]] - integration with Opera Web Browser
* [[Certifcates]] - integration commercial certificate validation for PDA phonesdata level integration.
* Secure Mailing: Support for GNUPG or x.509 zertificates
HELP WANTED. Visit http://www.sugarcrm.com/forums/showthread.php?p=44652#post44652
== Zimlet Ideas==
== Zimlet Ideas==

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Zimlet Ideas

Write a Zimlet some ideas include:

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