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Pricing and Packaging

Is Zimbra free?, What version do it need?

Zimbra has both a free Open Source Edition as well as a premium Network Edition.

Can you explain how the pricing works?

Pricing of Network Edition depends on the size of your installation and the type of business or organization you have. Generally speaking:

  • The more mailboxes you purchase, the less you will pay per mailbox (sliding scale)
  • Non-profits, government, education are eligible for discounted rates
  • Service provides have pricing conducive for large-scale deployments

Here is an example:

  • A business wanting 150 mailboxes of the Professional Edition: $28 x 150 = $4,200 per year. This license commitment is is eligible for Zimbra Basic Support.
  • A government agency looking for the same: $14 x 150 = $2,100 per year. Also eligible for Zimbra Basic Support.

Can I get Zimbra if I want less than 25 mailboxes?

There are two options:

  • Some customers purchase the minimum 25 licenses planning for growth
  • Most try one of Zimbra's many hosting providers who will provide the services you need (Zimbra does not provide hosting to customers, we only sell ZCS for on-premise deployment)

Admin Field Guide: Installation & Configuration

Here's some gotchas we hear about from the Zimbra Community when installing and configuring ZCS. Hope this makes for smooth sailing!

What are the prerequisites for installing ZCS and how do I avoid install hassles?

See the "ZCS System Requirements" document at for the most up to date requirements.

  • Do you have all the install pre-req's ironed out and port conflicts resolved? Installation will check and fail on any of these conditions.
  • Prerequisite: For Red Hat Enterprise, CentOS and SUSE operating systems, the server must also have the following installed:
    • nc. Netcat
    • NPTL. Native POSIX Thread Library
    • sudo. Superuser, required to delegate admins
    • libidn. For internationalizing domain names in applications (IDNA)
    • curl. A command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax
    • GMP. GNU Multiple-Precision Library

Avoiding conflicts: what are the default port configurations when Zimbra is installed?

See Ports for a more complete list.

Default port usage:

  • 25 SMTP (postfix)
  • 80 HTTP
  • 110 POP3
  • 143 IMAP
  • 389 LDAP
  • 443 HTTPS
  • 993 IMAP SSL
  • 995 POP SSL
  • 7025 LMTP

How do I make sure that DNS is configured correctly?

  • Overview of MTA and DNS
  • Make sure the default domain supplied in the DNS wizard is the actual email domain and not the FQDN of the box

What are the top issues affecting performance?

  • Make sure that your client machines satisfy the system requirements for systems specs, operating system, and browser.
  • Make sure the server machines meet the system requirements for hardware and operating system; size your hardware with growth in mind!
  • Review the system requirements (PDF)
    • Evaluation and testing: Intel/AMD 32-bit CPU 1.5 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 5 GB free disk space for software and logs, mail storage space
    • Production: Intel/AMD CPU 32-bit 2.0+ GHz, 2+ GB RAM, 10 GB free disk space for software and logs, mail storage space.
      • RAID-5 not recommended for installations with more than 100 accounts

How does the license key work?

  • The license key is provided to you in the Network trial registration email from the Sales Team.
  • When you do the installation you will automatically be provided a single user license (admin) to enable the install.
  • From the Admin UI (Global Settings / License / Update License) you can then apply the key to the trial system and provision up to 50 accounts for the life of the trial.
  • After the trial expires you will no longer be able to add new accounts but the ones you already have provisioned may still work for some time.
  • Existing customers with license issues can always visit the Support Portal

I can't get to the Admin UI when I type in the URL into my browser.

  • Make sure the URL connects to the Admin UI using SSL: "https" and to port ":7071" by default.

How do I change the Zimbra server's hostname?

How do I install the Network Edition Virtual Appliance?

We use Active Directory, what level of "access" into AD does Zimbra need to authenticate users?

  • In order for Zimbra to use external AD/LDAP for authentication and/or GAL, you need to create a user that can see all user objects in the AD schema.
  • Configuration of external auth/GAL is by means of an easy wizard in the Admin UI.

How do I access the Exchange migration tools?

  • In the Admin UI select the Wizard tab, you will find migration tools and documentation

Are there any known installation issues or help for troubleshooting?

General Product Questions

What features are available in the Network Edition Trial?

The Trial is fully featured: you have full access to everything including Outlook Connector, Zimbra Mobile, Clustering, and HSM for 60 days.

What phones are supported by Zimbra Mobile?

  • All Windows Mobile 5 devices
  • Symbian S60 and S80 devices like the Nokia E-Series, Palm devices like the Treo 700P sync natively with Zimbra. (Some require additional 3rd party plugins)
  • Blackberry is supported through a third party partner.

Which browsers does the web client work with?

  • Firefox 1.5+ on PC, Mac, Linux
  • Internet Explorer 6+ on PC
  • Safari 2.0+ on Mac

What languages is Zimbra translated into?

  • French, German, Italian, Japanese, Finnish, Russian, among others.
  • The Zimbra Translations Wiki contains the latest list

Can Zimbra scale to support large installations?

  • Zimbra supports installations from 25 mailboxes well past 1 million.
  • We have many Service Providers (ISPs) using Zimbra such as Comcast.

Does Zimbra support clustering?

  • Zimbra uses Red Hat Cluster Suite to provide M+N clustering of our mailbox servers.

Are there any instructions on making and installing Zimlets?

  • Many customers write Zimlets on their own, but you can find a list of Zimbra's publicly announced Zimlets in the Zimbra Gallery
  • There is a Zimlet section on this wiki with articles about how to develop and deploy Zimlets

Can you add 3rd party services to Zimbra like Barracuda AS/AV?

Yes - in addition to our native AS/AV, we can integrate with external AS/AV and many customers have done this.

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