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Admin Field Guide: Top FAQ's

Here's a list of common questions and gotchas we hear about from the Zimbra Community when installing and configuring ZCS. Hope this makes for smooth sailing!

Installation & Configuration

  • What are some basic things I should check to avoid installation hassles
    • Do you have all the install pre-req's like compat-libstc++, selinux disabled, port conflicts resolved (need more info here)
      • Pre-requirement: For Red Hat Enterprise, Fedora Core and SuSE operating systems, the server must also have the following installed
        • NPTL. Native POSIX Thread Library
        • Sudo. Superuser, required to delegate admins.
        • libidn. For internationalizing domain names in applications (IDNA)
        • cURL. A command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax
        • fetchmail. A remote-mail retrieval and forwarding utility used for on-demand TCIP/IP links.
        • GMP. GNU Multiple-Precision Library.
        • compat-libstdcc++-33. Compatibility Standard C++ libraries. ( NOTE: The 32-bit version of the compat-libstdc rpm package is required for both 32-bit or 64-bit servers. )
        • For Red Hat Enterprise only: compatlibstdcc++-296
      • Default port usage:
        • Postfix 25
        • HTTP 80
        • POP3 110
        • IMAP 143
        • LDAP 389
        • HTTPS 443
        • Tomcat IMAP SSL 993
        • Tomcat POP SSL 995
        • Tomcat LMTP 7025
  • What are the top issues affecting performance?
    • Make sure that your client machines satisfy the system requirements for systems specs, operating system, and browser.
    • Make sure the server machines meet the system requirements for hardware and operating system; size your hardware with growth in mind!

Review the system requirements (PDF)

  • How does the license key work?
    • info..
  • Can't get to the Admin UI when I type in the URL into my browser.
    • Make sure the URL connects to the Admin UI using SSL: "https" and to port ":7071" by default.
  • Make sure that DNS is configured correctly
    • Overview of MTA and DNS
    • Make sure the default domain supplied in the DNS wizard is the actual email domain and not the FQDN of the box

Other READ THE MANUAL type tips?


  • How to enable Zimbra Documents
  • Enabling on Zimbra Mobile
  • Endabling Outlook Connector
  • Provisioning new accounts
  • How to open a shared calendar in Outlook

General Support

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