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See http://saucelabs.com/blog/index.php/2010/01/selenium-totw-css-selectors-in-selenium-demystified/
See http://saucelabs.com/blog/index.php/2010/01/selenium-totw-css-selectors-in-selenium-demystified/

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General Information

This page details some helpful tips regarding usage of the Zimbra Selenium Harness



Preferred Locator Formats

Using the most optimal locators is crucial for cross-browser compatibility. IE is notoriously slow for processing xpath locators. As per the Selenium documentation, the preferred format of locators is:

  1. by CSS (i.e. locator="css=a[href='#id3']")
  2. by xpath (i.e. locator="//a(@href='@id3']")
  3. by Identifier (i.e. locator="DWT233")
Translation: xpath to css

For those familiar with xpath but not css, here are some tips for translation.

xpath css preferred description
"xpath=//div[@id='foo']" "css=div[id='foo']" "foo" element with id equals "foo"
"xpath=//tr[contains(@attr,'partial']" "css=tr[attr*='foo']" "css=tr[attr*='foo']" attr contains foo
- "css=tr[attr^='foo']" "css=tr[attr^='foo']" attribute starts with foo
- "css=tr[attr$='foo']" "css=tr[attr$='foo']" attribute ends with foo
xpath=(//div[@id='foo'])@class "css=div[id='foo']@class" sGetAttribute("css=div[id='foo']@class") CSS format for sGetAttribute()
xpath=//div//table "css=div table" "css=div table" descendant
xpath=//div/table "css=div>table" "css=div>table" child


See http://saucelabs.com/blog/index.php/2010/01/selenium-totw-css-selectors-in-selenium-demystified/

See http://saucelabs.com/blog/index.php/2010/03/selenium-tips-finding-elements-by-their-inner-text-using-contains-a-css-pseudo-class/

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