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Description: The Zimlet does Interface with the Asterisk Manager Interface to integrate with Asterisk PBX. The main focus is dial-on-click for Phone numbers inside Contacts and Emails.
Author: Christof Lauber
Date Submitted: 15-12-2008
Zimbra Collaboration Suite Version: ZCS 5.11
How to use it: If phone number is recognized you will see a popup. Just click the phone number to dial. There is also a context menu with more options.
Format of a phone Currenltly more european style phone numbers are recognized. Like +4912345678901, +49(12) 2345 678 901, 031 8922 23 40. If you are familiar with regular expressions you may edit the regexp in ch_bnc_asterisk.xml. (Edit regexp inside the <matchOn> element)
Location/Download URL http://sourceforge.net/projects/ch-bnc-asterisk/download
Zimlet Capabilities Leveraged
Does it Appear in the Toolbar? Icon with Context Menu enabled.
Zimlet Preferences Doublclick Icon or Contect Menu to set preferences.
  • Phone extension
  • Phone number Type when creating new contact out of a phone number
Right click Options
  • Dial number
  • Send SMS
  • Show Info
Conversation Drag No
Contact Drag No
Calendar Drag No
External Costs or Integration? Zimlet needs a Asterisk PBX that has a configured Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI). The Zimlet's AMI account needs privileges call,command. For Sending SMS you need a correctly configured SMS() Application in your dialplan.

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