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{| class="zimlet" style="border-collapse: collapse;"
{| class="zimlet" style="border-collapse: collapse;"
| width="20%" |''' Description:'''
| style="background-color: #aaaaaa;" align="right" width="20%" |''' Description:'''
| width="80%" |{{{description}}}
| width="80%" |{{{description}}}

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Description: {{{description}}}
Author: {{{author}}}
Date Submitted: {{{submitted}}}
Zimbra Collaboration Suite Version: {{{zimbra_version}}}
How to use it: {{{howto}}}
Format of a phone {{{phone}}}
Location/Download URL {{{download}}}
Zimlet Capabilities Leveraged {{{leverage}}}
Does it Appear in the Toolbar? {{{toolbar}}}
Zimlet Preferences {{{preferences}}}
Right click Options {{{right_click}}}
Conversation Drag {{{conversation_drag}}}
Contact Drag {{{contact_drag}}}
Calendar Drag {{{calendar_drag}}}
External Costs or Integration? {{{external}}}

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