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Using Zimbra Mobile with iPhones

Entering Zimbra Mobile settings on your iPhone (or iPad/iTouch) will sync your email, contacts and calendars using your carrier's data plan. Note, in order to use this feature you need to be 1) using a Zimbra paid Network Edition account and 2) your administrator must have mobility enabled.


Performing these steps can delete all of the existing contacts on your iPhone. This is a common problem for iPhone users when creating a new ActiveSync account. You should ensure that you have backed up all of your contacts before proceeding.


First click on the "Settings" icon (the gears) and scroll down and select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars." On the next screen you will see and select "Add Account." Choose "Microsoft Exchange" (Apple chose the wrong label, it should be for any ActiveSync-based service).

Next you will need to enter your account information:

  • Email. This is your company email address (eg joe@puppies.net)
  • Domain. This is your company's email server domain (eg mail.puppies.net... the same base URL you type in the browser for the Zimbra Web Client)
  • Username. This is the Zimbra username of your account; the same one you use to log in to the Zimbra Web Client (eg joe@puppies.net)
  • Password. This is your Zimbra password (the same on used for the Zimbra Web Client)
  • Use SSL. You will see a slider for SSL on or off. Your administrator can tell you more, but typically if you access your Zimbra Web Client using an URL beginning with "https://" then you want SSL set to "on."


Once you have successfully set up your account, you should begin to see mail folders contacts and your calendar(s) appear on the device. After, you may choose to edit either global or account-specific settings.

Global settings available affect all your email accounts and is located in Settings / Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Here you can set usability controls such as number of messages, previews, font size and more.

Within this screen you may also select your Zimbra Account and then select "Account Info" to adjust whether you want any of the syncing options changed, how many days of email and which folders you want pushed.

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