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{|  width="100%" border="0"  
<div class="noprint" style="float:right; border:0px solid blue;width:200px;background-color:#fff;padding:3px;">
|  bgcolor="orange" | [[Image:4_5_Doc.gif]] - This is a '''ZCS 4.5 Article'''. It is specific to ZCS 4.5, and may not be applicable to ZCS 5.0 or later.
[[Image:4_5_Doc.gif|left|ZCS 4.5 Article]]ZCS 4.5 Article

[[Category:ZCS 4.5]]
[[Category:ZCS 4.5]]

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ZCS 4.5 Article
ZCS 4.5 Article

This template exists to label Zimbra Wiki articles that are written specifically for ZCS 4.5. The ZCS 4.5 Article template should be used to alert readers that the contents of the article may not be applicable to ZCS 5.0 or later.

In order to use this template, type the following Wikitext at the bottom of the article you are editing:


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