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Commercial Open Source Customer Relationship Management.

Please visit www.sugarcrm.com for more information on SugarCRM.

DataSync Suite is an open source consolidation platform that integrates SugarCRM and Zimbra in the following ways:

  1. Archive Zimbra email to SugarCRM contacts and cases
    1. This is done with a "Company contacts" contact list in Zimbra that includes all SugarCRM contacts. These contacts can then be dragged and dropped into the user's contact list.
  2. Bi-directional contact syncing
  3. Administrator turn on and off syncing

For a demo of this package, visit http://demo.datasyncsuite.com

If you are interested in getting involved with this integration project please contact the project sponsor directly:


605-275-4100 x1


| http://datasyncsuite.com

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