Steps to fix Too many ADMIN sessions error

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Error - Too many ADMIN sessions, closing AdminSession

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Error "Too many ADMIN sessions" is seen when using zmmailbox command and mailbox.log shows following entry :

"ZimbraWebClient - GC51 (Win);] session - Too many ADMIN sessions, closing AdminSession"


By default, 5 admin SOAP sessions are configured for a single user on ZCS server and its controlled by the local config key "zimbra_session_limit_admin".

With the help of following steps, the current local config key value can be seen and updated :

1). Command to check :-

zmlocalconfig zimbra_session_limit_admin 

2). Command to update :-

zmlocalconfig -e zimbra_session_limit_admin=10   
zmmailboxdctl restart

Submitted by: Heera Singh Koranga
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