Steps to fix NULL disclaimer on outgoing emails

Steps to fix NULL disclaimer on outgoing emails


Getting NULL at the end of outgoing emails for those domains which are not configured with domain-disclaimer.


Configuring zimbraDomainMandatoryMailSignatureEnabled=TRUE on Global config enables disclaimer for all domains and adds (null) as the disclaimer.

Where zimbraAmavisDomainDisclaimerHTML and zimbraAmavisDomainDisclaimerText are still not configured.

As a workaround to prevent adding (null) from other domains' outgoing emails we need to configured blank disclaimer.

With these steps three empty disclaimer files (.b64, .html, .txt) generats on path "/opt/zimbra/data/altermime/"

zmprov md <OTHER-DOMAIN> zimbraAmavisDomainDisclaimerHTML ""
zmprov md <OTHER-DOMAIN> zimbraAmavisDomainDisclaimerText ""
./libexec/zmaltermimeconfig -e <OTHER-DOMAIN>   

Reported bug for this issue -

Submitted by: Heera Singh Koranga

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