Steps to fix NULL disclaimer on outgoing emails

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How to fix NULL disclaimer on outgoing emails

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The outgoing emails from the domains which are not configured with domain-disclaimer contain NULL at the end of each outgoing email


Configuring zimbraDomainMandatoryMailSignatureEnabled=TRUE at global config enables disclaimer for all domains and adds NULL as the disclaimer where zimbraAmavisDomainDisclaimerHTML and zimbraAmavisDomainDisclaimerText are still not configured.

As a workaround to prevent adding NULL from other domain's outgoing emails, configure a blank disclaimer.

With the steps below, three empty disclaimer files (.b64, .html, .txt) are generated in the path "/opt/zimbra/data/altermime/" :

Step 1
zmprov md <OTHER-DOMAIN> zimbraAmavisDomainDisclaimerHTML ""
Step 2
zmprov md <OTHER-DOMAIN> zimbraAmavisDomainDisclaimerText ""
Step 3
./libexec/zmaltermimeconfig -e <OTHER-DOMAIN>   

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Submitted by: Heera Singh Koranga
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