Steps to create share and mount folder from CLI

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Steps to create share and mount folder from CLI

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How to create, share and mount folder from CLI.


  • Create a new document folder in USER1's Briefcase:-
zmmailbox -z -m USER1@DOMAIN.COM cf --view document /NewDocs
  • Set read-only permissions on newly created folder:-
zmmailbox -z -m USER1@DOMAIN.COM mfg /NewDocs account USER11@DOMAIN.COM r
  • Now create mount point on user USER11's account and mount the shared folder:-
zmmailbox -z -m USER11@DOMAIN.COM cm "/Shared_NewDocs" USER1@DOMAIN.COM "/NewDocs"

Note: Available permissions details: r, rw, rwix, rwixd, rwixda, none.

  • (r)ead - search, view overviews and items
  • (w)rite - edit drafts/contacts/notes, set flags
  • (i)nsert - copy/add to directory, create subfolders action
  • (x) - workflow actions, like accepting appointments
  • (d)elete - delete items and subfolders, set \Deleted flag
  • (a)dminister - delegate admin and change permissions

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