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=Steps to enable domain discliamer in ZCS 8.5 and higher versions=
=Steps to enable domain disclaimer in ZCS 8.5 and higher versions=
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Steps to enable domain disclaimer in ZCS 8.5 and higher versions

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Steps to enable discliamer for a domain

1). Enabled disclaimer feature on global configuration:-

zmprov mcf zimbraDomainMandatoryMailSignatureEnabled TRUE

2). Add plain text and HTML disclaimer to the domain:-

zmprov md DOMAIN.COM zimbraAmavisDomainDisclaimerText "text disclamer"   
zmprov md DOMAIN.COM zimbraAmavisDomainDisclaimerHTML "<html><body><h1>HTML Disclaimer</h1><br> <h1>User 1</h1><br>phone number here</body></html>" 

3). After adding disclaimer to the LDAP server, enable/generate domain disclaimer files for altermime on MTA server:-

./libexec/zmaltermimeconfig -e DOMAIN.COM

If multiple MTAs configured in ZCS environment then run below command on remaining MTA servers:-


Steps to disable disclaimer from a domain

1). Run on first MTA server as zimbra user:-

./libexec/zmaltermimeconfig -d DOMAIN.COM

Run on other MTA servers:-


2). Completely disable disclaimer feature:-

zmprov mcf zimbraDomainMandatoryMailSignatureEnabled FALSE  
zmprov fc all

Note: Replace DOMAIN.COM with the actual domain name according to your environment.

Submitted by: Heera Singh Koranga

Verified Against: ZCS 8.8, 8.7, 8.6, 8.5 Date Created: 8/8/2017
Article ID: https://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?title=Steps_to_configure_per_domain_disclaimer_on_ZCS_8.5_and_higher_versions Date Modified: 2018-01-18

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