Spark and Zimbra

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Zimbra 5.0 or higher supports the XMPP (Jabber) protocol for instant messaging. It stands for eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) (formerly known as Jabber) which is an open sourced, XML-inspired protocol for near real time, extensible instant messaging (IM) and presence information (a.k.a. buddy lists).

XMPP compatible clients, such as Spark, can be used to connect to the Zimbra server. Users can then add buddies from their Zimbra Server into Spark without having a need to connect to a Third Party service such as AIM or MSN. This allows users to keep their home or personal instant messaging account separate from their work or professional account. Additionally, users can use the company/corporate/family Zimbra Server without signing up for another IM account from a Third Party Vendor. If you have an account on the Zimbra Server, you already have a XMPP/Chat account.

Spart is created by IgniteRealtime/Jive which also produce Wildfire/Openfire which Zimbra's server side IM branches from.

Configuring Spark

After installation

  1. Username: user (withouth the
  2. Server:

If you cannot connect:

  1. Click on advanced
  2. Uncheck automatically discover host and port
  4. Port 5222
  5. Resource: Whatever you want (this identifies your unique endpoint)
  6. Click ok to go back to the main login page
  7. In the server area switch just to in the server section (It's treated as just the domain now and the host under advanced contains the full server address.)
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