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Zimbra Social

Enable/Disable the Social Zimlet

Typically the Social Zimlet is enabled for each user by default. If a user would like to disable the Social Zimlet, they can access the Preferences tab, select Zimlets, and then uncheck the Social Zimlet. When Zimbra relaods, the Socialize and Social buttons will no longer appear.


Social Zimlet Preferences

Hiding the Default Feeds

The Social Zimlet by default pulls in and displays three feeds. It displays TweetMeme's Most Popular, top Twitter Trends, and digg's 'Popular in 24 hours'. To modify the default feeds so that none of these display in the main page, click on Preferences at the bottom left. Uncheck the top three options and click on OK.


Adding a Twitter Account to the Social Zimlet

Adding a Facebook Account to the Social Zimlet

How to Socialize using the Social Zimlet

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