Setting automatic Default Signature

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Use this script for set automatic Default Signatures for all users reading it's LDAP information.

I asume that user have any information in his LDAP attributes.

The script

  # Check for run as zimbra user
  ID=`id -u -n`
  if [ x$ID != "xzimbra" ]; then
     echo "Please run as ZIMBRA user"
     echo "Exiting..."
     exit 1
  # Obtain all accounts
  accounts=`$RUTA/zmprov gaa`
  for ac in $accounts; do
     echo -ne "Checking account: $ac \t"
     # Verify for set signature
     sign=`$RUTA/zmprov -l ga $ac | grep zimbraPrefMailSignatureEnabled | cut -d : -f 2`
     if [ `echo $sign | grep TRUE` ]; then
        echo "This account have a Signature!!!"
        echo -ne "Setting signature... "
        # Obtain signature from LDAP user atributes
        signature=`$RUTA/zmprov ga $ac | egrep "(^cn|^ou|^company|^street|^telephoneNumber)" | cut -d : -f 2 | sed 's/^\ //g'`
        # Set signature for account $ca
        $RUTA/zmprov ma $ac zimbraPrefMailSignatureEnabled TRUE  zimbraPrefMailSignatureStyle internet zimbraPrefMailSignature "$signature"
        echo "done!"
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