Server Monitoring

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Server Monitoring

One of the coolest things about working with ZCS is that it exposes you to many technologies such as Java, Postfix, OpenLDAP, and MySQL. An administrator of a ZCS system should have a working knowledge of these technologies, in order to monitor system performance and solve performance problems.

The ZCS server collects many performance-related statistics. The data is stored in CSV files in /opt/zimbra/zmstat and its subdirectories:

  • cpu.csv: CPU utilization
  • fd.csv: file descriptor count
  • mailboxd.csv: ZCS server and JVM statistics
  • mtaqueue.csv: Postfix queue
  • proc.csv: disk utilization
  • soap.csv: SOAP request processing time
  • threads.csv: JVM thread counts
  • vm.csv: Linux VM statistics (from the vmstat command)

These files are in a standard CSV format that can be loaded into Excel for viewing and charting. We also provide a command-line utility called zmstat-chart that generates charts from the CSV data:

$ zmstat-chart -s /opt/zimbra/2008-04-03 -d ~/charts

will read data from CSV files in /opt/zimbra/2008-04-03 and write HTML and PNG files to the ~/charts directory. Default chart parameters are specified in /opt/zimbra/conf/zmstat-chart.xml. An alternate chart conf file can optionally be specified with the -c option.

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