Separation Of WebApp Service From Mailstore In ZCS8.5

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Separation Of WebApp Service From Mailstore In ZCS 8.5+

The current Zimbra architecture combines the mailstore functionality with all the web functionality on the same server. Aim is to split the combined functionality so that mailstore server can be run independently from web that includes Zimbra Web Client, Zimbra Admin Client and Zimlets. This is how the proxy routes UI and SOAP/REST requests in a split environment. Zimbra-split-web-diagram000.png

There are several advantages with the split.

  • Some customers want to run their customized version of Zimbra Web Client and Zimbra Admin Client. Splitting the web apps from mailstore makes the UI customization process to be more “agile”, allowing the customers to roll out customized code without having to restart mailstore servers (zero down time).
  • Running webapps requires very few "front end" servers and thus need not touch all webapp or mailstore servers for each update.
  • All webapp servers will be completely decoupled from mailbox/Account unlike mailstore which has a affinity to the mailbox account, in other words any webapp server can serve any account request. So rolling out customized UI code doesn't need to shutdown all webapp servers at the same time.
  • The split works seamlessly with a cluster based set-up of new version of mailstore server with older versions of ZCS and also supports migrations.
  • Splitting the webapps from mailstore considerably decreases the load on mailstore servers which gives additional space to add more mailboxes and handle extra load on mailstore.


Installation Process

Mail Store Server

UI Server

Testing the new Environment

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Verified Against: Zimbra Collaboration Suite 8.6, 8.5 Date Created: 08/4/2014
Article ID: Date Modified: 2015-01-30

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