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Issue: When trying to configure zimbraAllowFromAddress or zimbraAllowAnyAddress using an internal address, you received the following error:

Message: invalid request: zimbraAllowFromAddress may not contain an internal account: Error code: service.INVALID_REQUEST Method: [unknown] Details:soap:Sender

Cause: Within 8.0 we have provided the ability to grant Send As and Send On the Behalf of rights within the ACL rules. Going forward, the zimbraAllowFromAddress or zimbraAllowAnyAddress will only support external addresses.

Resolution: To provide the right to send as or Send on the behalf of, the user can log into their account and select Preferences => Accounts. Under Primary Account settings, the user then will select Add Delegate and enter the email address and right that they want to provide to the Delegate.

The admin can also provide this right from the command line by running:

Send on behalf of rights:

zmprov grr account use sendOnBehalfOf

Send as rights:

zmprov grr account use sendAs

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