Searching in Zimbra: Using the Search Menu & Tab

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Searching in Zimbra: Using the Search Menu & Tab

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To teach Zimbra end-users how to perform a search using the Search tab.


Zimbra provides an easy-to-use search where you can use menus to create any search you need.

To create a search, click the magnifying glass icon in the search field (upper right corner of your Zimbra screen).


Then use any combination of the filters and menu selections below.


You can also use the Zimbra Search menu to search any of the following in your Zimbra account:


The menu option will default to the tab you are in. So, if you are in the Mail tab, the menu will default to "Search Mail".

Note: You can change the menu option at any time, and the search options change based on your selection. Remember to either press Enter or click the magnifying glass to navigate to the Search tab.

When Search Mail is selected, you can search using the 3 "Basic Filters" which are "has attachment", "is flagged", and "is unread". You can also refine your search using the menus, which are Received from, Sent to, Date sent, Attachments, Size, Status, Tag and Folder.


If you select Contacts or Search Global Address List, you can search by Tag and Contacts Folder.



If you select Appointments, you can refine your search by Date, Attachments, Tag, and Calendar.



If you select Tasks, you can refine the search by Date, Attachments, Tag, and Tasks Folder.



If you select Files, you can refine the search by Date, Size, Tag, and Briefcase.



If you select Include Shared Items, the search will return results from your shared mailboxes, calendars, etc., in addition to your own items.


Here are some examples.

  • In this search, I used the Received from menu to search for all email received from, and I used the Attachments menu to search only for messages with Microsoft Excel attachment. Note that the search syntax is created automatically and displayed in the search field as the search is created.


  • In this search, I used the Date Sent menu to search for all email received before March 3, 2015, and I used the Tag menu to search for all email tagged with "Feb 25-27 Session"


Additional Content

  • For detailed explanations of and corrections for the mistakes listed above, please refer to the Tips & Tricks blog.

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