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This procedure is based on SLES9 to SLES10. OpenSUSE 10 to OpenSUSE 10.2, Debian 3.2 to Debian 4, and FC4/5 to Fedora 7 should be approached similarly.

  1. ckconfig zimbra remove
  2. take full backup
  3. zmcontrol stop
  4. follow the operating system upgrade procedure
  5. follow the Zimbra upgrade procedure


  1. Make sure /opt/zimbra/redolog/redo.log is owned by the zimbra user after step 3. Depending on what kernel version is in use, the system may hit a SUSE kernel bug. This impacts Debian 3.2 and SLES9.
  2. There are some chmod errors during upgrade process.
  chown: missing operand after `root:root` 

They happen immediately after module upgrade. These appear to be harmless.

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