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How do I run YZD?

If you have chosen to put a shortcut on your desktop, you can launch YZD by double clicking the YZD icon there. In addition, on Windows there's a shortcut added to the Start menu and on Mac under Applications.

How do I shutdown YZD?

On Windows clicking the "x" on the upper right corner of the window only minimizes YZD to the system tray. To shutdown YZD, either select "Quit" from the window system menu, or right click on the tray icon and select "Quit". On Mac and Linux, simply closing the window will shutdown YZD.

Can I still receive new mail when YZD is not running?

Yes. The graphic user interface of YZD is only the front-end of the software. There's also the back-end service running behind the scene. The back-end service is responsible for synchronizing data with various remote servers on a user-defined schedule. The YZD service continues running even after you quit the YZD GUI, but at a lower sync frequency when the GUI front end is not running.

I don't use YZD very often and sometimes I want to free up more memory. How do I shutdown the YZD back end service?

If the YZD GUI is running, to shutdown YZD, on Windows in the tray icon menu select "Shutdown Service", and on a Mac, you can use the Dock icon menu to do that. On Linux you have to shutdown YZD using a terminal window. In a terminal window, 'cd' into <install> and run './zdesktop stop'.
In addition, you can also use the Control Panel Service Manager to shut the service down on Windows. Note that once you shutdown the back end service, YZD will no longer synchronize data with any remote server until you start it up again.

How do I start the YZD back end service after I stopped it?

Simply launching YZD GUI will automatically start the service if it's not already running.

Does the YZD service automatically starts after system reboot?

It auto-starts on Windows and Mac, but not on Linux.

Is there a way to disable auto-start?

On Windows you can use the Control Panel to change the service to start "manually". On Mac you will need to modify the ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.zimbra.zdesktop.plist file. How to change launchd program is beyond the scope of this FAQ, but you can find information online.

Can YZD run on a multiuser system?

While the answer is yes, with the current version only one user can use it. On UNIX platforms (Linux/MacOS), YZD CANNOT be installed or run by root user.

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