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Workaround To Restore Quarantined Emails


1. First identify the name the file is quarantined as from the notification email that would have been sent to the admin account. For messages marked as viruses, including emails containing encrypted archives, the line in the email might look something like “The message has been quarantined as: virus-n89eFiOoPVpn”. For other blocked emails the name would begin with “blocked-” or “banned-”.

2. Once you have the name, locate this file on the server. To do this, sudo as zimbra on the server and navigate to “/opt/zimbra/data/amavisd/quarantine/”. You should find the file in this folder.

3. Once you have the file name, run the following command:

/opt/zimbra/bin/zmlmtpinject -s <sender_email> /opt/zimbra/data/amavisd/quarantine/<file_name> -r  <recipient_email>


sender_email with your email or the email you would like the email to be sent as.

recipient_email with the recipient's email address.

file_name with the name of the banned file you identified from step one.

There is also an feature enhancement request exist to manage Quarantined emails (will be fixed in future releases).

RFE: http://bugzilla.zimbra.com/show_bug.cgi?id=8454

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