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One of the most common problems with installing and starting a service is an incorrect LDAP or MySQL password.
#REDIRECT [[Resetting_LDAP_and_MySQL_Passwords]]
== Resetting the LDAP Password ==
First, we need to make sure that Zimbra is stopped.
Try running:
> su zimbra
> zmcontrol stop
Just to be safe, you can make sure that all Zimbra services are stopped:
> ps auxww | grep zimbra
> ps auxww | grep slapd
Kill any left over processes.
Now, we can reset the passwords:
First the root(note: these are run as user zimbra)
> zmldappasswd --root '''newpass'''
Next the zimbra:
> zmldappasswd '''newpass'''
Make sure you use the same password for both!
== Resetting Mailbox Database Passwords  ==
'''root account'''
Set ''newpassword'' to your desired password.  Run as user ''zimbra'':
  > zmmypasswd --root newpassword
'''zimbra account'''
  > zmmypasswd newpasswd
== Resetting Logger Database Passwords  ==
'''In the event you have lost your logger password, or it has otherwise become out of sync after an upgrade, you can reset it. Keep in mind that the logger is not a required component to have running.'''
'''root account'''
Set ''newpassword'' to your desired password.  Run as user ''zimbra'':
  > zmmylogpasswd --root newpassword
'''zimbra account'''
  > zmmylogpasswd newpasswd
== Related Articles ==
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<br> Keywords: ''ldap, logger, database, password''
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[[Category: Troubleshooting]]

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