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One of the most common problems with installing and starting a service is an incorrect LDAP or MySQL password.
#REDIRECT [[Resetting_LDAP_and_MySQL_Passwords]]
== Resetting the LDAP Password ==
First, we need to make sure that Zimbra is stopped.
Try running:
>su zimbra
>zmcontrol stop
Just to be safe, you can make sure that all Zimbra services are stopped:
>ps auxww | grep zimbra
>ps auxww | grep slapd
Kill any left over processes.
Now, we can reset the passwords:
First the root(note: these are run as user zimbra)
>zmldappasswd --root '''newpass'''
Next the zimbra:
>zmldappasswd '''newpass'''
Make sure you use the same password for both!
== Resetting the Logger Password ==
'''In the event you have lost your logger password (or it has otherwise become out of sync), you can reset it. Keep in mind that the logger is not a required component to have running.'''
You will need to start the logger with the "skip-grant-tables" option. Search the forums on who to accomplish this.
== Resetting the MySQL Password ==

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