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Reset contact Autocomplete ranking and delete a single contact using zmsoap


Customer like to reset contact Autocomplete ranking to get a rid of duplicate lookup.


Autocomplete ranking is stored in mysql database, and to reset it, use the following soap command line:

  • Reset ranking table data:-
su - zimbra
zmsoap -z -m RankingActionRequest/action @op=reset
  • Remove all contacts from "Emailed Contacts" folder:-
zmmailbox -z -m USERNAME@DOMAIN.COM ef /"Emailed Contacts"
  • Now flush the account cache:-
zmprov fc account USERNAME@DOMAIN.COM

If you want to delete a single contact instead of resetting complete ranking table then use following commands:-

zmsoap -z -m USERNAME@DOMAIN.COM RankingActionRequest/action @op=delete
zmprov fc account USERNAME@DOMAIN.COM

Note: Replace with that contact which you want to delete from ranking table.

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