Repairing ZCS Connector for Outlook

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You can use the same version of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite Connector for Outlook MSI file to repair the ZCO software on individual computers. When the .msi file is opened after the ZCS Connector for Outlook is installed, it automatically opens with the options to repair the connector or to remove the software.

Repair will reinstall the software again.

Remove the Outlook Connector removes all components. Removing the Connector for Outlook does not remove the profile or .zdb files. Users will need to delete these items manually. Note: you can also remove the ZCS Connector for Outlook from the computer’s Control Panel, Add or Remove directory.

Resolving Mailbox Sync Problems

In the event that a user’s mailbox cannot receive new mail, becomes out-of-sync, or his .zdb files becomes corrupted, you can either:

Choose to force an initial sync of the user’s mailbox. In order to do this, you can either have the user create another profile, open Outlook, and click Tools>Send/Receiveto sync to the Zimbra server.

Have the user delete the existing .zdb file and then click Tools> Send/Receive. This deletes all data on the user’s computer and recreates the mailbox from the data that is on the Zimbra server, but keeps the same profile.

In some cases, it may be necessary to uninstall the .msi file, delete the profile and zdb file and start over.

Important: When the Zimbra server is restored from a Zimbra backup session, users should delete their .zdb file and resync Outlook to the Zimbra server.

Removing the ZCS Connector for Outlook files

To remove the ZCS Connector from Outlook completely from the computer, delete the .zdb file and the user’s profile, and uninstall the ZCS Connector .msi file.

Note: Users can use the Outlook File>Import/Export feature to save their tasks or other Outlook folders that do not sync with the Zimbra server. The files can be imported back into Outlook.

1. Users must delete the .zdb file.The zdb file includes all the Outlook data from the Zimbra server. The file is usually in the user’s Local Setting\/Application Data\ Microsoft\ Outlook folder.

Note: If they cannot see this file, users should change the Folder Options/View to “Show hidden files and folders”.

2. Users must delete their Zimbra profile. If users accept the defaults when they installed the ZCS Connector for Outlook, a profile called Zimbra was created. To delete this file:

a. Open to the Control Panel and select Mail.

b. Click Show Profiles. The General tab lists all the profiles on the computer.

c. Select the Zimbra profile and click Remove.

d. Click OK.

3. Go to the Control Panel, select Add and Remove Programs and remove the ZCS Connector for Outlook program.

Important: If the Connector for Outlook is re-installed and the .zdb file was not deleted, Outlook cannot sync with the Zimbra server, because the Zimbra profile will use the existing .zdb file rather than create a new file.

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