Removing a user from all DLs on a server

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Removing a user from all DLs on a server


Removing a user from all DLs on a server


We can do this using a combination of zmsoap and zmprov

1).'zmsoap' will get a list of all the distribution lists the user is a member of. So for '':

zmsoap -z GetAccountMembershipRequest/ @by=name

2).Use this to make a 'zmprov' script that will run 'zmprov rdlm' for all the DLs:

zmsoap -z GetAccountMembershipRequest/ @by=name | sed -n 's/.*name="\(.[^"]*\)".*/rdlm \1' > /tmp/rdlm.zmprov

The above creates a file '/tmp/rdlm.zmprov', which contains multiple lines in the form of 'rdlm'.

3).This file is then 'fed' into zmprov, like so, removing the user from all the DLs:

zmprov < /tmp/rdlm.zmprov 

Verified Against: ZCS 8.8, 8.7, 8.6 Date Created: 2018-05-21
Article ID: Date Modified: 2018-05-21

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