Provide HTTP(s) Integration with Apache

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Setting up HTTP and HTTPS support through Apache VirtualHosts


Single production server, with public IP address running apache web server hosting multiple virtual domains, and Zimbra Groupware server to providing email and webmail access to users in multiple virtual domains.

The example domain used in this article is '' - replace with your own domain.


  • You want to provide both http (insecure) and https (secure) access to clients through the webmail interface.

On '' you want to provide webmail access when users visit '' and secure acces when they visit ''.

The Apache server listens on default ports 80 and 443, the Zimbra server listens on port 81 and uses the insecure login authentication method (zmtlsctl http).

System Requirements

Laying the foundations

Plan of Action

  • Configure Zimbra to run on port 81.
  • Configure Zimbra to use simple http authentication.
  • Install a new virtual host to catch all requests.
  • Install a new virtual host to catch all secure requests.
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