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Note: If Outlook is crashing completely instead of hanging or behaving strangely, generate a core dump instead.

Outlook Logging

Beginning with the version of the Connector for Outlook released with ZCS 3.1 (ZimbraOlkConnector-3.1.0_GA_327_3.0.866), the manual DbgView/HttpTrace procedure is no longer necessary. The new Connector installs a utility that will allow each user to enable and disable logging with a checkbox, and in the future will allow direct submission of the log to Zimbra.

The ZcoLogCtl.exe utility is installed in C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033, which is also where the logs will be generated. The default maximum log size is 10mb. When the size of the log reaches the limit, the current log is set aside and a new one created; therefore there may be two logs of up to the maximum log size present.


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