Note: This info applies to Outlook profiles using the ZCS Connector for Outlook.

Using Outlook to access Free/Busy information from the Zimbra server

The Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO) will automatically configure the Internet Free/Busy URL so Outlook can query the Zimbra Collaboration Server to obtain free/busy information for users. In certain cases you will want to override the url set by ZCO. Do to so:

Configure the following registry key to tell ZCO to not automatically set the free/busy url

Name: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Zimbra\BypassFBConfig


Value: 1

Navigate to the Free/Busy Options dialog:

Outlook -> Tools menu -> Options -> Calendar Options button -> Free/Busy Options button

If the hostname of your Zimbra server is domain.com, set the "Search Location" URL to the following (leaving %name%@%server% as the literal words "name" and "server" so that it will work for any account on the zimbra server):


Accessing Free/Busy information over SSL

Note that this will silently fail if you are using https without a valid ssl certificate on the server. It should be possible to cause Outlook to trust the self-signed CA cert from the Zimbra server by importing it into Outlook with this guide from Microsoft though there may be complications due to varying certificate formats.

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