Out of office auto reply duration

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Out of office auto-reply duration


Can out of office auto-reply duration be changed?


The default duration of Out of office auto-reply message is 7 days i.e. the email addresses to whom Out of office auto-reply has been sent already will be cached for a period of 7 days and no further auto-reply is sent to these addresses until 7 days. This duration is configured in zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeCacheDuration attribute at COS and account level.

Below are few examples to change the duration of auto-reply :

su - zimbra
zmprov mc COSname zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeCacheDuration 0

(This will send an auto reply to every sender repeatedly and not cache any email address)

zmprov mc COSname2 zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeCacheDuration 1d

(This will send an auto reply to the sender after a day only and avoid multiple auto replies for a day, you can adjust the value to xd (x days) according to your need)


zmprov ma user@domain.com zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeCacheDuration 0
zmprov ma user2@domain.com zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeCacheDuration 1d

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