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=Set OutOfOffice auto-reply duration=
=Set OutOfOffice auto-reply duration=

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Set OutOfOffice auto-reply duration

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Can out of office auto-reply duration be changed?


The default duration of Out of office auto-reply message is 7 days i.e. the email addresses to whom Out of office auto-reply has been sent already will be cached for a period of 7 days and no further auto-reply is sent to these addresses until 7 days.
This duration is configured in zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeCacheDuration attribute at COS and account level.

Below are few examples to change the duration of auto-reply :

On COS Level:

zmprov mc COSname zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeCacheDuration 0
zmprov mc COSname2 zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeCacheDuration 1d

On Account Level:

zmprov ma user@domain.com zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeCacheDuration 0
zmprov ma user2@domain.com zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeCacheDuration 1d

zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeCacheDuration 0 : This will send an auto reply to every sender repeatedly and not cache any email address.

zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeCacheDuration 1d : This will send an auto reply to the sender after a day only and avoid multiple auto replies for a day, you can adjust the value to xd (x days) according to your need.

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Submitted by: Aarti Shah

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