OpenLDAP Tuning Keys

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This article applies to the following ZCS versions.

ZCS 6.0 Article ZCS 6.0

OpenLDAP Tuning Keys

Starting with ZCS 6.0, the configuration is stored in a database. This allows the ability to make changes to the OpenLDAP configuration on the fly. To support this, a number of keys were added to Localconfig. When modified via zmlocalconfig, the values will automatically be updated in the OpenLDAP server configuration within 2 minutes.

OpenLDAP Common keys

These keys set the general, or common, settings for the slapd process. They are apply to both the master and replica servers.

  • Set the debugging level to be used. The default is 49152
zmlocalconfig -e ldap_common_loglevel=49152
  • Set the threads count to an appropriate level. The ZCS default is 8, which is fine for 1 or 2 CPU servers. The general rule of thumb is 4 threads for every real core.
zmlocalconfig -e ldap_common_threads=8
  • Set whether or not an encrypted connection is required to establish communication with the LDAP server. 0 for no, 1 for yes. Default is 0.
  • Set the toolthreads count to an appropriate level. The ZCS default is 1. It should be set to the number of real cores you have available. The purpose of the toolthreads setting is to decrease the amount of time it takes to slapadd a database.
zmlocalconfig -e ldap_common_toolthreads=1
  • Set the write timeout for how long to wait for a write to succeed. The default is 0, which is infinitely. Otherwise, forcefully close the connection after the specified number of seconds.
zmlocalconfig -e ldap_common_writetimeout=0

OpenLDAP Primary Database keys

These keys apply to the primary LDAP database. They are apply to both the master and replica servers.

  • The number of entries to free when the entry cache gets full. Default is 1.
zmlocalconfig -e ldap_db_cachefree=1
  • The entry cachesize for the primary database. The number set should be the number of configured active accounts and the number of configured active domains. The default is 10000.
zmlocalconfig -e ldap_db_cachesize=10000
  • How frequently to checkpoint the database to disk. This flushes data from the cache to the database. Default is every 64KB or 5 minutes. It takes two values.
zmlocalconfig -e ldap_db_checkpoint="64 5"
  • The idlcachesize for the primary database. The number set should be the same as the cachesize setting. The default is 10000.
zmlocalconfig -e ldap_db_idlcachesize=10000
  • The dn entry cachseize for the primary database. It is highly recommended to leave it at the default value of zero, which means an unlimited DN cache. If it is set to a non-zero value, it should be no less than two times the entry cache.
zmlocalconfig -e ldap_db_dncachesize=0
  • Whether or not to use a shared memory key for the primary database. The default is 0 (no shared memory key). A shared memory key is recommended for systems where the DB_CONFIG cachesize is 8GB or higher. The value must be positive and non-zero. It cannot be the same as another shm key setting (See the Accesslog DB tuning keys).
zmlocalconfig -e ldap_db_shmkey=0

OpenLDAP Accesslog Database Keys

ldap_accesslog_cachefree = 1 ldap_accesslog_cachesize = 10000 ldap_accesslog_checkpoint = 64 5 ldap_accesslog_dncachesize = 0 ldap_accesslog_idlcachesize = 10000 ldap_accesslog_shmkey = 0

OpenLDAP Overlay Keys

OpenLDAP Accesslog Overlay Keys

ldap_overlay_accesslog_logpurge = 01+00:00 00+04:00

OpenLDAP Syncprov Overlay Keys

ldap_overlay_syncprov_checkpoint = 20 10 ldap_overlay_syncprov_sessionlog = 500

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