Obtain all the forwards per each account

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Obtain all the forwards per each account

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In some cases or scenarios, the users can add a forward address, this feature can be used for audit purposes, but sometimes can also be a problem for some Administrators.


This Wiki/KB article is a simple script to check in a easy way all the forwards in a Zimbra Collaboration environment.


  • The first step is create the script like root user:
vi checkforward.sh
  • Add the next simple script into the Script file:
# Script para visualizar redirecciones en Zimbra
for account in `zmprov -l gaa`; do
forwardingaddress=`zmprov ga $account |grep 'zimbraPrefMailForwardingAddress' |sed 's/zimbraPrefMailForwardingAddress: //'`
if [ "$forwardingaddress" != "" ]; then
echo "$account is forwarding to $forwardingaddress"
  • Save the file, and add it the proper rights for the user Zimbra, and make it executable:
chown zimbra:zimbra checkforward.sh
chmod +x checkforward.sh
  • Like zimbra user, you can run the script, and you will see something like the next:
admin@zimbra.local is forwarding to externalaccount@externaldomain.com
testmove@example1.com is forwarding to externalaccount2@externaldomain2.com

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Verified Against: Zimbra Collaboration 8.6, 8.5, 8.0 Date Created: 04/27/2015
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