Moving ZCB Users Between BES Servers

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Users provisioned on one BES server can be moved to another BES server using BES Manager. The following perquisites are required.

• ZCS server must be at 6.0.2 or later and ZCB 5.0.24 or later.

• Centralized database for BES instances must be set up. That is: the source and target BES instances must use the same BlackBerry configuration database.

Moving Users

Use BES Manager to move one BES instance to another.

1. From the User’s tab, right-click on the user name to be moved.

2. Select Move Users on the menu. A list of target servers displays.

3. In the Select Server dialog, select the target server and click OK. The user is moved to the selected server. Users who are moved do not need to reprovision their devices.

4. As a part of the move, in accordance with BES design, device should perform enterprise activation in order to update new configuration. Activation process starts automatically and does not require user's participation. Usually it takes a few minutes after user is moved for service to restore.

Note: During this time if User attempts to send a message through the device, they may observe message delivery failures and marked with a 'Red X' in their device. Allow enough time to device to fully activate on the new server prior to attempting to compose and send a message.

5. You may notice some duplicate messages on the BlackBerry device. This is common on BES and it is not caused by ZCB. You can either remove these manually or use option to 'Reconcile' now after the User Move has completed.

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