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ModernUI Zimlets overview

This page lists all the ModernUI Zimlets that are available for Zimbra Cloud and Zimbra 9.

Modern UI Zimlets
Attachment Alert Alerts you when forgetting to attach an attachment when sending an email.
Dropbox Link Zimbra to your Dropbox account, and in email you can add attachments from Dropbox (as a link or as a file), save attachments to Dropbox and send a Dropbox link when an attachment is too large to email.
Email Templates Build an email template for emails you send regularly (invoices, status reports, etc) with variables to easily change content.
Google Drive Link Zimbra to your Google Drive account, and in email you can add attachments from Google Drive (as a link or as a file), save attachments to Google Drive and send a Google Drive link when an attachment is too large to email.
Google Translate Google Translate Zimlet lets you translate incoming email messages to your own language using Google Translate.
Jitsi Start a video call and add a video call link to your Zimbra meeting invite with one click.
Nextcloud Zimlet Cloud file storage right in Zimbra. Upload/download files and share files for easy, realtime collaboration.
Onedrive Link Zimbra to your OneDrive account to access, edit or share any of your Onedrive files.
Rocket Chat Integration with Rocket Chat.
Signature Zimlet Create a company wide signature template, so everyone can have a uniform looking email signature.
Slack Link to your Slack account to chat with one click, see the recent chats from a user and more.
Sticky Notes Add virtual sticky notes to email when you want to remember something important.
Voice Message Record a voice message from within Zimbra and send it as an email attachment.
Webex Add a Webex meeting link to your meeting invites.
Zoom Setup online meetings, video conferencing using Zoom.
Zulip Integration with Zulip chat.
Native Modern UI Zimlets
Calendar subscriptions Adds option to subscribe external calendar feeds. zimbra-zimlet-calendar-subscription
Restore contacts Restores contacts from previous backups. zimbra-zimlet-restore-contacts
Highlight dates Detects dates in emails or other content and displays list of the day's event on hover. zm-x-zimlet-date
Additional signatures Allows user to make extra signatures to use with any accounts. zm-x-zimlet-additional-signature-setting
Merge contacts Identifies contacts that share information and can be combined. zm-x-zimlet-duplicate-contacts
User feedback Adds option in Gear menu to product feedback to Zimbra. zm-x-zimlet-user-feedback
User session management Displays all active sessions on all devices and allows user to end them. zm-x-zimlet-user-sessions-management
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