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Zimbra Mobile Overview

Zimbra Mobile is the Zimbra synchronization program that provides mobile data access for users of the Treo™ 650 smartphone and devices with Windows® Mobile (WM5) software, including smartphones and PocketPCs. ZCS supports synchronization of email, calendar, and contacts on WM5 devices via Mobile Outlook®, and email and calendar on the Treo 650 smartphone via Palm™ VersaMail.

Zimbra Mobile uses the native software installed on the devices. No additional client software is required on the device. You enable this feature in the ZCS COS or for individual Accounts. Users configure the device’s software for Zimbra Mobile similarly to how they configure the device to sync against Microsoft® Exchange.

The following may need to be configured:

  • Server address. Type the fully qualified hostname of the user’s Zimbra Collaboration Suite mailbox server.
  • User name. Type the user’s name as configured in their Zimbra account. The domain is configured separately.
  • Domain Type the user’s Zimbra mailbox domain name.

Users can now sync their Zimbra mailbox to their mobile device. They can send email, create appointments, and add contacts.

IMPORTANT: Some users may experience configuration difficulty if using SSL. WM5 includes a limited number of root certificates and it may be necessary to install your server’s signing CA’s certificate on the device in order to use SSL

Setup for specific devices

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