Missing Contacts From Share Contact Group

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ISSUE: A user shares a contact group to another user. When the shared user views the shared contact group, contact from the shared contact group are missing.

CAUSE: A contact group is a list of contacts that can be from a local, shared folder or from the Global Address list. If the group has contacts from a local or shared folder, the local list needs to be shared to the user for them to view or send to the contacts within the group. If the individual that is viewing the shared contact group does not have the correct permissions for some contacts within the shared contact group, these contacts will be excluded from the list.

RESOLUTION: The owner of the folder that contains these contacts will need to provide share rights to all members that have rights to view the Contact Group. You can do this by moving the users into the folder that contains the contact group. This will insure that the contact and contacts group will contains the same rights.

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