Message Senders Receive About Mailbox Over Quota

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Message Senders Receive About Mailbox Over Quota

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Message Senders Receive About Mailbox Over Quota


File that holds text of message:


Note, please read the bounce MAN page before you attempt to edit this file directly.

Also, I haven't been able to confirm the relationship of this above file with the postconf default output:

[root@mail3 ~]# postconf | grep -i bounce
2bounce_notice_recipient = postmaster
backwards_bounce_logfile_compatibility = yes
bounce_notice_recipient = postmaster
bounce_queue_lifetime = 5d
bounce_service_name = bounce
bounce_size_limit = 50000
bounce_template_file = 
disable_verp_bounces = no
double_bounce_sender = double-bounce
multi_recipient_bounce_reject_code = 550
soft_bounce = no

To use a file, you'll want to add the file to variable and reload postfix via the zmmtactl script. It looks like zmlocalconfig doesn't currently handle this variable.

cp /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/ /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/
postconf -e bounce_template_file="/opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/"
zmmtactl reload

Note, this might get lost during upgrades so make a note to yourself about this change.

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