Meebo Zimlet Customization


The Meebo Zimlet is a tool that allows users to connect to and display information from their chat networks from within the Zimbra Web Client. After deployment of the zimlet ( in /opt/zimbra/zimlets-extra), users see the Meebo bar at the bottom of their screen and are able to sign-in to the Meebo networks (Meebo id needed) to chat with other users on multiple chat networks from within the Zimbra Web Client. When a user signs into the Meebo application for the first time, they see a dialog box that welcomes them to the "Zimbra" network. However, some companies would prefer users see a reference to their network (instead of Zimbra), and manage what is displayed with the Meebo Bar dashboard. This article outlines the steps required to customize your deployment of the Meebo Zimlet.

Note: Your company will need a commercial arrangement with Meebo if deployment involves a large number of users.


  • Go to and click on the "Learn More" button on "The Meebo Bar".
  • Next click on "Get it Now". Start the process of "Signing up for the Meebo Bar".
  • After you have created a username and password, you will be directed to the "Meebo Bar Setup" page. Enter the name of your Site (which will become the Network name) and your site URL (I would recommend the Public Service Hostname like ""). For demo purposes, I have set this up with a test server zmtest in the domain Here is a screen shot:
Meebo Bar Setup
  • After you click continue, the Integration Wizard will be launched and several options for adding the Meebo bar will be displayed on the bottom half of the screen. Click on "I host my own blog/site...". Code will be displayed that shows how the Meebo bar can be added on a website or blog. Find the network variable near the bottom designated with the word network followed by a colon. Copy the information in the single quotes following. In my sample case, it is network: 'zmtraincom_fo24ve'.
  • On your Zimbra server, copy the existing file as a backup and then unzip to a separate directory.
  • Change directories to the new directory and edit the meebo.js file with your favorite editor. Modify the network variable from "Zimbra" to the name of the network supplied by Meebo:
com_zimbra_meebo.prototype._createMeeboFrame =
function() {
    var network = "zmtraincom_fo24ve";
  • Using your favorite editor, increment the version number in the com_zimbra_meebo.xml file.
  • Zip up the three files into and deploy the zimlet using zmzimletctl

Users should see the Meebo bar at the bottom of the Zimbra Web Client the next time they login. When they connect to sign-in for the first time, the network name will show your network. Here is what my test looked like:

Meebo for
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