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Free SSL

Freessl are installed.

I was faced with task of installing RapidSsl; i started with freessl as trial. I followed wiki on commercial 5.x but there is no way to install them using Admin GUI; using the CLI,instaed, they were installed like a charm.

Unified Communications Certificates (UCC)

Now, i am faced with this issue, but no zimbra employer has yet answered related post.

21-08-2008 as freessl cert is near to expire, i bought a final rapidssl cert paying it 18$ only (i cannot say where i get it, though) it was a nightmare to install it. i received it by mail and i save it without adding a cr at the end of last line.

zmcertmgr does concat

zmcertmgr does concat commercial.crt with commercial_ca.crt, and withou ending cr u get:


finally, i discovered this small issue and i files a bug into bugzilla

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