Manual activation

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Use the license file you received from Zimbra to generate a new activation file. To do that, upload the license file to the Zimbra server using a utility like WinSCP and enter:

su - zimbra
zmlicense -i /path/to/license/file

Get the information required for the manual activation from the console at "Global Settings->License->Manually Activate License" (fingerprint, activation ID, license ID and version)

Go to and log in, go to the license page (We recommend Internet Explorer, it has been reported that there are problems downloading the file with Chrome). Enter the information and download the .xml file.

upload the .xml file to the Zimbra server and enter:

zmlicense -A /path/to/activation/file

Check for successful activation with

zmlicense -t

Work Around If This Can't Be Done During An Upgrade/Install

Please use the --skip-activation-check option with ./

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